Abandoned Little Ones

While everyone loves cute little kittens and
puppies, getting a delivery of abandoned
ones is much more work that you would
think. We have raised some that were only
a couple of weeks old. In these cases, you
are effectively a substitute mom - multiple,
middle of the night bottle feedings and all
that fun stuff! Don't let the above photo
series fool you, we get puppy litters too.

Lost and Found a New Home

Well, in many cases not lost, but sadly left
behind. Every year, we find doggies (and
some kitties) that were obviously a pet at
some point, but are now roaming around
homeless. Unaccustomed to life without
people, they are often malnourished, tick
and flea infested, and even beaten up by
the tougher street dog crowd. These are
things a little love can fix, so we fix ’em.

Heart Breaking Cases

Whether injured by accident or by abuse,
these are the cases that are really tough
to take. Often needing many long months
of rehabilitation or even serious veterinary
intervention, we do all that we can to bring
these guys back from whatever happened.
Afterwards, we work hard to find them a
loving home where they will be cared for
as they truly deserve.