read about us in Dogster magazine! Amigos de los Animales de Todos Santos (AATS) Logo Hello and Welcome to Amingos de Los Animales de Todos Santos (AATS)

The Amigos de los Animales de Todos Santos (AATS) has
been working for the improvement in the lives of our
four legged friends in the Todos Santos area for
nearly seventeen years now. While we labored
all of those years as an ‘unofficial’ group, in
2009 we obtained our sanction from the
Mexican government as a true non-profit

The bulk of our efforts have traditionally
gone towards the promotion of effective
animal population control through spay
and neuter work. Being a rural area in Baja
California Sur, sterilization of pets has not
been a generally accepted practice in the past.
Over the years, we have been very successful
in working with both local and foreign residents
to change this and can now boast that we are typically
responsible for over four hundred free or reduced cost spay
and neuter procedures each and every year.

Along with our sterilization program, we are also very active
in animal rescue and sheltering. From kittens left on
our door step and lost doggies to abused animals,
we continually strive to help those dogs, cats
and other animals in need of a little bit of a
helping hand. In 2006, we opened up Kitty
Heaven as one of the few exclusively feline
animal shelters in all of the Baja where we
can keep comfortable around twenty five
or so kitties at any given time.

So, again, welcome to our website and
please drop us a line if you would like to
donate anything to our organization
or have some time that you can volunteer.

Warmest Regards,

Angelique Schornstein - Signature

Angelique Schornstein - AATS President